Monday, 18 July 2011

++ALLAH kNoWs BeSt++

ALLAH knows what the best 4 us
so why should we complain

We always want the sunshine
But he knows there must be rain

We always want laughter
And the merriment of cheers
But our heart will lose their tender
If we never shed a tear 

ALLAH tests us often
with suffering and with sorrow
He tests us not to punish us
But to help us meet 2morrow

So whenever we feel that everything is wrong
It's just ALLAH's will to make our spirit strong!

p/s: Those who do not pray, have lost the best friendship 
( friendship with ALLAH SWT)

Sumber--> my mentor mase kat Fatma

Enjoy ur reading

CoReTaN eXcLaSS DaRi aTiE.... Da aBeS BaCe KeR ?? LaU MeNaRiK SiLe bErIkAn oPiNiOn KOraNg YeP... LoVe cRa_WaL


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sila lah tinggal komen u all kat bawah tu yea..
tengs sudi bace entry n singgah blog shiera..
xlupe jugak,tenkiu coz tinggalkan
komen tuh..